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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association

1958 - 1959


Early aerial view of the new campus.

Fall, 1958

Engineering was created as a major. In addition, a divisional reorganization took place, creating separate divisions between Natural Sciences, Business, Language Arts, and Fine Arts.


Freshman enrollment had climbed to 1,200 students.

After ten years of starting a brand new college, Dr. Peterson announces his retirement at the end of the 1959 year.

First Dormitories

The first dormitories were complete by September of 1958 to be used the following year by students, changing the campus from only being a "commuter campus" to a resident college.

October 10

The first uniformed marching band in LBSC history took the field under the direction of Charles J. Payne for the San Diego State-Long Beach State football game.

First President of LBSC Retires

Dr. Peterson, the first President of the College announces his retirement for the end of the 1959 academic year.