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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association

1949 - 1950


Long Beach State College Seal

January 27, 1949

Gov. Earl Warren

Governor Earl Warren signed the enabling act authorizing the building of a new college as a result of a 1947 survey, conducted by the State Board of Education and Regents of the University of California. Dr. P. Victor Peterson was named president of the new college.

During the first week an assembly was held in the quad. Dr. Peterson introduced his staff and spoke of the status and the future of the new school.

September 28, 1949

Los Angeles-Orange County State College was opened with 169 enrolled students and thirteen full-time faculty in a converted apartment building at 5401 E. Anaheim Street. Classes were only offered to junior and senior classmen consisting mostly of women and veterans. The college only offered 29 classes with emphasis on Teacher Education, Business Education, and the Liberal Arts.

Classes were dismissed for the afternoon activities and both students and faculty dressed in their 49er Day costumes.

Early Forty-niner edition

November 11, 1949

The first organization of the Daily 49er, made its debut in the first semester by posting on bulletin boards. November 11, it made its initial appearance on the stands in mimeographed form. This college newspaper was intended to voice and represent the entire college, which still remains to do so today.

Spring Semester

For the first spring semester, enrollment reached over 600 students.

February, 1950

The birth of extended-day classes.

The first "49er" Day

The first "49er" Day was sponsored by the Women Students Organized for Service (WSOS) and began a new successful tradition.

June 6, 1950

The City of Long Beach, by vote of the people, authorized the City Council to purchase a 320 acre tract of land. It was deeded to the State to be the future home of the new college.

June 8, 1950

It was decided to the college would be renamed to Long Beach State College (LBSC) upon donation of the new site by the people of Long Beach.

June 16, 1950

The first graduating class consisted of 31 students.

First Yearbook

First Prospector yearbook was published.