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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association

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College of Education: Distinguished Alumni


Dr. Cedric L. Anderson
1979 MPA Public Administration
1988 MA Education: Educational Administration
1994 464 Credential

Ms. Leslie C. Antosy-Flores
1985 BA Art
1998 200 Credential                                      

Mr. John M. Blaydes
1962 BA Education: Elementary Education
1966 MA Education: Educational Administration                                                      

Ms. Joan J. Branin
1970 MA Education: Educational Psychology
Mrs. Blanche G. Cannady                      
1954 MA Education: Elementary Education

Dr. John F. Dean
1955 MA Education: Elementary Education
Mrs. Christine A. Dominguez
1974 BA English: Language and Composition
1980 MA Education: Elementary Education                                                              

Ms. Jana Echevarria
1978 BA Liberal Studies: Spanish/English
1984 MS Liberal Studies: Special Major                                                   

Mr. Robert E. Ellis
1958 MA Secondary Education


Ms. Patricia Ann Farber
1967 BA English
1983 MA Educational Administration


Mr. Steven Fish
1971 BA Psychology
1978 MA Elementary Education

Ms. Erin J. Gruwell
1994 120 Credential
1994 MA English: Literature


Ms. Deborah O. Hancock
1959 BA English: Literature                                        
Dr. Tadao Hara
1965 MA Pupil Personnel


Dr. John C. Hernandez
1992 MS Counseling


Dr. Ruben L. Ingram
1955 BA Education: Elementary Education                                                                                                             



For more information on the Distinguished Alumni program, please call the Alumni Association office at (562) 985-5252 or by e-mail at



 The Honorable Betty P. Karnette
1961 BA Education: Elementary Education
1969 MA Education: Social & Philosophical Foundations

Mrs. Marnos Lelesi
1983 MA Education: Educational Administration

Ms. Judith Magsaysay
1978 BS Liberal Studies: Bilingual - Spanish and English
1979 200 Credential

Mr. Dennis H. Mangers
1962 BA Education: Elementary Education
Honorable Jack Thomas O'Connell      
1975 100 Credential

The Honorable Beverly L. O'Neill 
1952 BA Education: Elementary Education
1956 MA Education: Elementary Education
Ms. Marie Otto
1967 MA Education                                                 

Ms. Naomi Rainey-Pierson
1972 BA Theatre Arts: Performance - Acting/Directing
1980 MA Education: Secondary Education
1981 MA Education: Educational Administration

Mrs. Julie P. Romero                                 

1990 BA Liberal Studies: Sociology
1991 200 Credential
1995 299 Credential

Mrs. Marilyn Russell Bittle                   
1957 BA Education: Elementary Education

Mr. William L. Ste. Marie                       
1969 BA Art: Drawing and Painting       
1976 400                                                    
1981 MS Special Education

Mr. Christopher J. Steinhauser               
1981 BA Liberal Studies: History            
1981 200 Credential                                
1984 500 Credential

Mr. Jack E. Teele                                    
1952 BA Education: Elementary Education                                                                 

Mrs. Corina Villaraigosa
1983 BA Liberal Studies: Bilingual - English & Spanish
1984 200 Credential                                

Mr. H. Douglas Wood                             
1959 400 Education                                 
1959 BA Education: Elementary Education