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Beach Connection: Volunteer Spotlight

Marilyn Yee

Marilyn Yee
1969, B.A., Social Science, CSULB

While working at the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), Marilyn Yee attended CSULB evening classes, where she earned a B.S. degree in social science in 1969.Soon after graduation, she got married.Yee continued to work in the LBUSD, later transferring to the Long Beach Business and Technology Campus until time for the birth of her first son.After the birth of her second son, she worked part time in the ABC School District as a teacher’s aide in a nearby elementary school.She and her husband, Tom, helped start a church in Huntington Beach and now are active in their current location at Journey Evangelical Church in Westminster.They continue to participate in community volunteering when possible.

Q: Why did you become a volunteer of the Alumni Association?

I wanted to reconnect with and participate in my former school as a way of thanking the school for my education.

Q: You have become a vital volunteer for the CSULB Alumni Association, and you often bring a special someone to help out with you.Can you tell us about him?

My husband, Tom, a retired computer scientist in the aerospace industry, was willing to come along on my very first stint of volunteering.He enjoyed meeting other volunteers and the CSU staff, who were always so cordial.His own alma mater, UCLA is much farther away, so he did not mind coming along and helping out at CSULB.Tom commented many times how thoughtful and appreciative the CSULB Alumni Association was of the volunteers; he was really impressed by that.Later, Tom began volunteering through the CSULB Senior University, helping out as a “coach” in the computer science classes for about three years.

Q: When you are not volunteering, what are some of your hobbies?

I try to get to our senior center aerobics classes.Also, I went from non-computer user to surprisingly becoming an active computer user person.Away from the computer, I have been taking adult school piano and singing classes, where we perform at senior centers or assisted living sites.I have enjoyed taking line dancing lessons and trying karaoke classes for a while (really challenging).In addition, Tom and I are involved in a senior church choral group, and we go to sing and visit at assisted living facilities where church members may be currently living as residents.We are also officers in our church's senior fellowship.We both participate in Cerritos Senior Center'sSPICE program at the local elementary school for grades K-sixth and have been Pen Pal participants with the second/third graders for a number of years.We do like to travel and have also gone to China to teach English as a Second Language.Cruising is one of our favorite ways of traveling.

Q: What advice would you give to other alumni who would like to become more involved with CSULB?

First of all, JOIN the Alumni Association and be in touch by e-mail or other means so you'll know whatoccasions are available for the alumni to take part.There are a variety of activities available for all ages.This applies to volunteering also. There are evening and weekend events that working alumni can participate in as volunteers, so see what works for your own schedule and interests. I try to do the events that I am comfortable with since I am not as “spry,” but I try to stay “young at heart.”The staff is very accommodating and flexible.I have also brought my friends along to help out, and they have been welcomed heartily as well by the staff.

Q: What are some of your favorite events that you enjoy volunteering for?And how about Tom’s favorite events?

I have done the Commencement flower booths (a new experience but quite interesting--learning to do bouquets, meeting wonderful graduate families and saying “best wishes” to the graduates), the Homecoming weekends in November, and have stuffed many envelopes or other miscellaneous items to be sent to alumni of years past.At the recent 2012 graduation, I met several friendly volunteers as we worked together in the Commencement flower stand. Tom is always requesting to volunteer at the Alumni Association sign-up table during Commencement ceremonies and the November Homecoming weekend.He enjoys talking to people and sharing the Alumni Association’s good features and benefits.He proudly bought me an alumni brick, located in the upper quad area, which I appreciated very much.

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