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Beach Connection: Volunteer Spotlight

Marty Gonzales Photo


Marty Gonzalez

B.A. Social Science, 1968
M.A. Anthropology, 1984

Q: Why did you become a volunteer of the Alumni Association?
After I retired from the education world, I wanted to still be in an academic environment, and the Alumni Association provided opportunities to work with other alums as well as students and university personnel. I like being on campus, seeing the physical changes, people watching, and it's a good place for a cardio workout!

Q: You are not only involved with the Alumni Association but the University Art Museum (UAM) as well. Can you tell us about your involvement with them?
My involvement with UAM is relatively recent. During my trip to Cuba in May, I learned more about the UAM and their need for community involvement and volunteers. My interest in the arts and their mission to champion contemporary art, technology and visual culture resonated with me and seemed like a good fit. Under the direction of Christopher Scoates, the museum seems to have a great future with some important events forthcoming.

Q: I know that you participated in the UAM trip to Cuba this past year. How was that experience?
Cuba was nine days of sensor y overload. Our trip was oriented toward the arts, which included music, architecture and other forms of art, but included other aspects of Cuban life. We visited the University for the Arts and saw (and purchased) some fabulous pieces done by students and instructors. We also visited artists’ studios and spoke to many artists about their craft and life in Cuba. The food was great, people were friendly; we visited two other cities in the southern part of the country, and of course, the old American cars were a sight to behold. The UAM assembled a great tour guide and planned out a fabulous itinerary that provided us with an unforgettable trip.

Q: When you are not volunteering, what are some of your hobbies?
In my free time I love bike riding along the bike trail on the beach. I really enjoy reading the L.A. Times and reading in general. I travel whenever and wherever I can. Since retiring, I have visited 15 different countries and numerous states, and hope to continue when the opportunity presents itself. I also enjoy taking classes at CSULB and around the Long Beach area. I am a volunteer tutor at Long Beach City College in the Disabled Student Program, and that has been a challenge and given me a lot of satisfaction.

Q: What advice would you give to alumni who would like to become more involved with CSULB?
There are so many ways to become involved at CSULB. Every month the Alumni Association posts volunteer opportunities that range from stuffing envelopes to working at student/parent events. It is easy, fun, and you can donate as many hours as you would like.

Q: What are some of your favorite events that you enjoy volunteering for?
I really liked volunteering on move-in day. Parents and students were excited and anxious; some came from the East Coast, others from foreign countries. We took their pictures and put the parents on our mailing list to keep them informed of campus events. Parent/Student Orientation is another event I worked. I enjoyed reassuring parents that their child made the right choice in selecting CSULB. As a parent, you want to know that your child will not only be safe, but will have a great time on campus and, of course, get a great education.

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