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California State University, Long Beach
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Douglas Watkins

Douglas Watkins








CSULB Class of: 2010
CSULB Degree: Geography BA
Hometown: Lakewood, CA
Current location: Lakewood, CA
Current job: Insurance Underwriting


AA: Tell us a little about yourself.

Doug: I am originally from Lakewood, so going to CSULB was almost a given, considering it was close by. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking throughout LA and Orange Counties, as well as exploring southern California on our growing train system. When I'm not working or exploring our region, I like spending time rollerblading and sampling new local restaurants.

AA: What are you doing professionally?

Doug: When I was in school I first ventured into the insurance industry by way of claims. After graduation I transitioned into insurance underwriting.

AA: What steps did you take toward finding/securing this job?

Doug: When I was looking for work I made sure to network and search the internet job boards.

AA: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Doug: It is rewarding knowing that I help supply a quality product to people in my chosen industry.

AA: Did you envision doing this kind of work while an undergrad?

Doug: I did not envision working in insurance as an undergraduate. Upon graduating from high school, my father told me that insurance underwriting would be an excellent career choice. Toward the end of my undergraduate studies I started working in insurance claims. After school I transitioned into insurance underwriting, and I ended up in a career I like. My father’s advice turned out to be exactly right for me.

AA: So you are at Graduation; you have your cap and gown on, and your name is called; you shake hands with the President and make your way across the stage. What does that feel like?

Doug: I felt great! At that moment, I knew the next chapter of my life had begun.

AA: What was the biggest transition after receiving your diploma and graduating?

Doug: The biggest transition was the change from learning as much as I could to applying my knowledge and analytical skills.

AA: What was the most useful skill or experience that you gathered from college?

Doug: The most valuable experience I had was the 2 years I was in the Geography Student Association. I eventually became the Events Coordinator and designed the club T-Shirt. I grew as an individual and enjoyed the new experiences.

AA: Why did you join the Alumni Association?

Doug: When I was a senior, I purchased my membership and an alumni brick at one of the Alumni Association tables. I enjoy attending the mixers hosted by the association, as well as getting the e-mail updates regarding changes occurring at CSULB.

AA: Any advice for the class of 2014?

Doug: Don’t be afraid to start small. Find your way into a company you like and apply yourself. Maintain a positive attitude, and progressively learn more about your area of expertise and the company culture.

AA: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Doug: With my student loans paid off, my career on track, my investments growing and the wherewithal to pursue my personal interests.